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‘Friday Night Frothies’. What’s it about? It’s blokes talking about stuff on a Friday night.

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It's All Australian Football League 2015!!

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It's all thing Super Hero on the SHQ Show!

German Poetry 2014

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Tune into CKR (Carrum Kids Radio) to hear the latest Yard Words, Mystery Sound & Voice, Magnificent Seven, Birthday Stars and Song of the Week.

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Radio Carrum’s ‘The Other Guys’ will keep you up to date with reviews and news from the world of Film and TV.

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Radio Carrum’s ‘Nerd Herd’ features all things Gaming, Lego and anything the Nerd Herd team enjoy.

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Carrum Patterson Lakes Football Club are broadcasting their 2014 season on Radio Carrum. Tune in to hear match results, team selections, club news and live match coverage on the Carrum Patterson Lakes Footy Show.