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Weedy The Sea Dragon - The Play 'Weedy The Sea Dragon' is a play created, directed and acted by the Grade 5/6 students at Carrum Primary School. Weedy is a young Weedy Sea Dragon keen to discover everything about the big wide world under the sea. On his journey Weedy meets lots of new and exciting sea creatures and begins to wonder about a curious thing called 'extinction'. Writer/Director - Connor; Actors: Weedy- Aidan; Mr. Sea Dragon (Dad) - Ryan; Mrs. Sea Dragon (Mum) - Madison; Puff The Puffer Fish - Emily; Engel The Engel Fish - Chloe; Squiddle The Giant Squid - Kyle; Jellica The Jellyfish - Ellie; CC The Sea Snail - Connor; Narrator - Jeremy
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The Adventures of Tiny Tim and his Pet Spider 'Yum Yum' - Part 1 "Tiny Tim was a quiet boy. He liked to eat red snakes, drink red flavoured lemonade and watch late night TV. Tim’s favourite friend in the whole wide world was an annoying red spider named Yum Yum." This broadcast by Grade 5/6 students at Carrum PS was recorded in front of a live studio audience. In Part 1 our three storytellers are Connor (speaker 1), Alayna (speaker 2) and Kyle (speaker 3).
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Newspod Issue No.17 Our final Newspod episode for this year features a film about our 2008 Grade 6 student graduates - 'Graduation 2008'. See you next year!!
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Newspod Issue No.16 We received some terrific entries for our Big Green Festival's short film competition. This weeks Carrumpods showcases all the finalists, including Best Film. For more information -
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