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Newspod Issue No.47 This week we showcase our 2009 Grade 6 Graduates - 'A Year In Film'.
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Newspod Issue No.46 This week we showcase Grade 5/6 students making sushi rolls and confronting the fiery wasabi.
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Newspod Issue No.45 This week we experience all the drama of the World Cup Final held at Carrum PS. Plus, we head to Carrum Beach for some Surf Life Saving Action.
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Newspod Issue No.44 This week we explore lots of planting action on our Rum B Run Farm.
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Newspod Issue No.43 This week we show exclusive footage taken inside the new school building. We also showcase a terrific Toastmasters Presentation on Water Skiing.
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Newspod Issue No.42 This week it's House Athletics 2009! All the fun, all the colour, all the action.
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Newspod Issue No.41 Market Day 2009 - always colourful, always fun, always a great time for everyone!
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Newspod Issue No.40 It's Concert Time!! This week we feature lots of footage from our final Full Dress Rehearsal for the concert, plus interviews with some concert stars the day after the big show.
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Newspod Issue No.39 This week we feature our triumphant Teachers Games champs and the Grade 3/4 excursion to Werribee Open Range Zoo.
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Newspod Issue No.38 This week we check out Footy Day 2009, some fantastic Grade 3/4 Habitat diorama's and our Athletics Team at the District Finals.
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Newspod Issue No.37 This week we feature our German Poetry stars at the State Finals.
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Newspod Issue No.36 We love 'Christmas In August' and this week it's our feature story. Yum!!
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Newspod Issue No.35 This week we feature the fun and excitement of Retail Day 2009. Lots of sales, lots of great advertisements, lots of interviews.
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Newspod Issue No.34 This week we showcase the fantastic Grade 3/4 Camp, a Kite Flying spectacular and our Interschool Sport Action.
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Newspod Issue No.33 This week we drop in on a fantastic Volcanic Blast-Off, discover our fabulous German Poetry success and meet some of our Prep students on their 100 Day Celebration
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Newspod Issue No.32 In this episode we check out the Grade 5/6 Soccer Clinic, salute the 50th Anniversary of our Toastmasters Club and find out the latest from Yard Words.
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Newspod Issue No.31 This week we stroll through our Prep to Grade 5/6 classrooms to check out the Maths Action that's happening - there's some amazing things going on!
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Newspod Issue No.30 This week we meet two of our Cross Country stars, Yard Words explores '4 Square Mania' and we find out what's happening in Prep.
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Newspod Issue No.29 This week join Grade 5/6 on their excursion to NGV and the Melbourne Museum to explore the Indigenous Collections, Grade 3/4 put on a Maths Happening! The first concrete has been poured on our new school. Stick Insects invade our school!!!
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Newspod Issue No.28 This week Carrumpods features our Buddies and Peer Support Programs, Prep Fruit Creations and some fantastic footage from the District Cross Country Championships.
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Newspod Issue No.27 This week we travelled to Roy Dore Reserve for our spectacular Annual House Cross Country Championships. We also join the Grade 3/4s for a fantastic footy clinic with two St.Kilda footballers.
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Newspod Issue No.26 This week we join the Grade 6 students on their visit to Patterson River SC for Transition Day 2009. We also explore the fantastic Artwork scattered throughout our school.
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Newspod Issue No.25 This week we check out our fantastic School Choir and have a look at the ANZAC Day Commemoration.
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Carrumpods On Twitter! Hey, we're now on Twitter. Check out our daily tweets at
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Newspod Issue No.24 This week we feature a special broadcast from the Grade 5/6 Camp - flying fox, water tubing, wall climbing, trampolining, cabin songs, dancing, archery, bush cooking, birthday celebrations - it's all happening!
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Newspod Issue No.23 This week we head to Patterson River for some Boating Safety tips, learn the fine art of Tent Pitching and join in all the fun of the 'Ride 2 School Helmet Parade'.
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Newspod Issue No.22 In this weeks Newspod we feature our fantastic 'Beachathon 2009' and 'The Demolishers Roll In' - a heavy metal spectacular!
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Newspod Issue No.21 In this weeks episode we check out the huge move from our old classrooms to the new portables, meet one of our Victorian Surf Life Saving stars and feature our World Record Breaking Shuffle Crew.
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Newspod Issue No.20 In this weeks episode we check out the hyper-energy of World Maths Day, meet our representatives for the District Swimming Carnival and report on Carrum's Interschool Sport activity.
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Newspod Issue No.19 In this weeks episode we showcase our Karneval 2009 Celebration with all the pancakes, masks, waffles, puppets and dancing. We also introduce a new vox pop segment 'Yard Words'.
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Newspod Issue No.18 Welcome Back!! Our first Newspod episode for 2009 features the School Leadership Ceremony and a promo video we made for our Grade 5/6 Camp.
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Film Archive 2007 - 'A Carrum Affair' In 2007 Grade 5/6 students at Carrum Primary School filmed and produced a tale of school happenings titled 'A Carrum Affair'. This is an edited version of the original feature production.
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National History Challenge 2008 - The Rats of Tobruk Carrum Primary School had several entries reach the State Finals of the 2008 National History Challenge. This short film entry 'The Rats of Tobruk' by Jeremy, Lachy and Tyler received a Special Commendation at the State Finals.
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