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You can now re-live our 2012 Famous Faces spectacular. Carrumpods Episode 104 features interviews with Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, Harry Houdini, Marie Antoinette, Dr Suess, Judy Garland, Jessica Watson and many more. 

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All the action and fun from Market Day & Footy Day at Carrum PS is available for viewing on Carrumpods - Episode 103.

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Carrumpods Episode 102 features the Preps Fathers’ Fun Day, CarrumFest Disco 2012, and the Yard Words team asks “What’s Your Favourite Sport?” Enjoy!

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Carrumpods Episode 101 features the Preps Pyjamas Day, our new Baby Chicks and African Drumming with Team Beat. 

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Our 100th Carrumpods Episode features the Grade 5/6s "Christmas in July" celebration, the Yard Words team asks "what's your favourite vegetable?" and we catch up with some of our fantastic former Carrumpods hosts. 

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Episode 99 features all the action from Retail Day 2012, including Best Film and Best Radio Advertisements.

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Carrumpods – Episode 98 features our School Choir performing at Woolworths on 20 June 2012. 

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Every Friday at 1.45pm, Luke and the Footy Team look ahead to the weekends Football Games – who’s playing, who’s not, tips, super coach action. Tune into Radio Carrum @

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Every Tuesday at 1.45pm, Luke and the Footy Team wrap up all the action from last weekends AFL games.

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Every Friday at 2.40pm, Carrum Kids Radio (CKR) broadcasts live from the Radio Carrum studio. Listen via the website -

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Every Friday at 2.40pm, Carrum Kids Radio (CKR) broadcasts live from the Radio Carrum studio. Listen via the website -

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Carrumpods Episode 97 features all the action from our annual House Cross Country.

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Carrumpods – Episode 96 features cooking and harvesting in our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen & Garden, plus ponding in our amazing wetlands. Have a look! 

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Carrumpods – Episode 95 features action from Grade 5/6 Tent Day, Crazy Hair Day and Beachathon 2012.

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Episode 94 features the fantastic Grade 5/6 Aqua Camp at Merricks from 20-24 Feb 2012.

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