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Carrumpods - Issue No.65 (Oct 2010)

This week we feature 'Bike Mechanics' and their sensational work, plus all the fun from 'Market Day 2010', including Best Market Day Ads.

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Big Green Festival 2010


It’s Back!!

On Sunday, 12 December 2010 (3-8pm), the Big Green Festival will be held at Carrum Primary School. Showcasing a spectacular environmental twilight happening, the Big Green Festival will feature music by Lisa Miller, Broderick Smith & Matt Walker, Jordie Lane, The Sand Pebbles, plus a Short Film Competition, Green Think Action, Environmental Activists, Farmers Market, Gourmet Food, Green Artwork, and lots more!
Click on the following link to find all the details – Big Green Festival 2010

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Carrumpods - Issue No.64 (Oct 2010)

Episode 64 features our spectacular School Concert. Footage includes rehearsal day fun plus backstage interviews and live footage from the big night. 

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Carrumpods - Issue No.63 (Sept 2010)

Episode 63 features some of the highlights of Term 3 at Carrum PS. Including - performances by Salaka and the Leaping Loonies, Retail Day, Reward Day, Footy Day and Christmas in September.

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InterSchool Media Channel - Episode 7 (July 2010)

Carrum Primary School hosts and produces the Interschool Media Channel - a student produced broadcast that showcases all sporting activities by schools in the Chelsea District Primary Schools Sports Network. 

Episode 7 features Carrum PS, Aspendale PS, Chelsea Heights PS, Edithvale PS, Patterson Lakes PS and Seaford North PS.

Check out the website InterSchool Media Channel 

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Carrumpods - Issue No.62 (June 2010)

During the last week of Term 2 St.Kilda players held a sports clinic for our Grade 3/4 students. We also had some former Carrum PS students helping in our classroom (look out for the spelling quiz). 

You can watch a streaming version or direct download below.

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Carrumpods - Issue No.61 (June 2010)

This week we feature action from the Grade 3/4's at Camp Manyung, a Yard Words word search, amazing artwork around our school and 'Life on the Goldfields: Farm Adventures'

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InterSchool Media Channel - Episode 6 (June 2010)


Carrum Primary School hosts and produces the Interschool Media Channel - a student produced broadcast that showcases all sporting activities by schools in the Chelsea District Primary Schools Sports Network. 

Episode 6 features Carrum PS, Aspendale PS, Patterson Lakes PS and Seaford PS.

Check out the website InterSchool Media Channel

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Newspod Issue No.60 (June 2010)

This week we feature the launch of our Winter 'Wheels & Heels' program with a fantastic breakfast celebration. Plus, we check out the Preps 'Tool Time' extravaganza and hear their alphabet spectacular.

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Farmers Market - Friday 4 June

This week our Farmers Market Team showcase the latest items for sale this Friday 4 June. Check it out!

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Newspod Issue No.59 (May 2010)

This week we explore all the fun of Education Week 2010 and enjoy lots and lots of fruit, glorious fruit! 

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Farmers Market - Friday 21 May

This week our Farmers Market Team showcase the latest items for sale this Friday 21 May. Check it out!

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Newspod Issue No.58 (May 2010)

This week we feature our District Cross Country Team in action and take a look at our Baby Chicks - they are growing so fast!!

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Newspod Issue No.57 (May 2010)

This week we feature our House Cross Country Carnival, the City of Kingston 'Junior Mayor' presentation, plus a desperate plea for decoration help.

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InterSchool Media Channel - Episode 5 (May 2010)

Carrum Primary School hosts and produces the Interschool Media Channel - a student produced broadcast that showcases all sporting activities by schools in the Chelsea District Primary Schools Sports Network. 

Episode 5 features Aspendale Gardens PS, Carrum PS, Chelsea PS and St.Louis De Montfort PS.

Check out the website InterSchool Media Channel 

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Farmers Market - Friday 7 May

This week our Farmers Market is showcasing an Egg-Spectacular!! Check out our latest advertisement.

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Newspod Issue No.56 (Apr 2010)

This week we feature lots of newly hatched chicks, Grade 6 students at Patterson River Secondary College and our Anzac Day Ceremony.

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Newspod Issue No.55 (Apr 2010)

This week we feature Grade 5 Peer Support Training, a fantastic Grade 3-6 Soccer Clinic, Choir Movin' & Shakin' and a Song & Dance Spectacular in the Yard!

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Newspod Issue No.54 (Mar 2010)

This week we feature - Fun on the Rum B' Run Farm, Grade 1/2 Old Time Dancin' and lots of Grade 3-6 Project Action. 

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Newspod Issue No.53 (Mar 2010)

This Week's Episode is a Bonanza! Featuring - Interschool Conference 2010, Student Leadership Ceremony, Helmet Parade and a German Gift Ceremony.

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Newspod Issue No.52 (Mar 2010)

This week we feature action from our Art Room and join the School Choir for a sing-a-long. We also introduce our new 'Yard Words' crew who pose the question "what game are you playing in our school yard?"

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Newspod Issue No.51 (Feb 2010)

This week we showcase all the action at the Grade 5/6 Merricks Aqua Camp.

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Newspod Issue No.50 (Feb 2010)

It's our 50th Episode (Yay!). This week we join the Grade 5/6's on an orienteering adventure and check out their camp preparation on Tent Day 2010. This weeks Vox Pop "What are you looking forward to on the Grade 5/6 Camp?" 

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Newspod Issue No.49 (Feb 2010)

In our first week back at school Grade 3-6 moved into the new school building (yay!) and Prep-2 moved to the portables. Check it out!

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Newspod Issue No.48 (Jan 2010) Check out our Grade 5/6 film entry for Tropfest Jr 2010. Film Synopsis: Aliens have abducted Cuddles Bond. This documentary presents an accurate account of the mayhem that took place when a film crew was recruited to tell this tragic tale.
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Newspod Issue No.47 This week we showcase our 2009 Grade 6 Graduates - 'A Year In Film'.
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Newspod Issue No.46 This week we showcase Grade 5/6 students making sushi rolls and confronting the fiery wasabi.
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Newspod Issue No.45 This week we experience all the drama of the World Cup Final held at Carrum PS. Plus, we head to Carrum Beach for some Surf Life Saving Action.
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Newspod Issue No.44 This week we explore lots of planting action on our Rum B Run Farm.
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Newspod Issue No.43 This week we show exclusive footage taken inside the new school building. We also showcase a terrific Toastmasters Presentation on Water Skiing.
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Newspod Issue No.42 This week it's House Athletics 2009! All the fun, all the colour, all the action.
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Newspod Issue No.41 Market Day 2009 - always colourful, always fun, always a great time for everyone!
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Newspod Issue No.40 It's Concert Time!! This week we feature lots of footage from our final Full Dress Rehearsal for the concert, plus interviews with some concert stars the day after the big show.
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Newspod Issue No.39 This week we feature our triumphant Teachers Games champs and the Grade 3/4 excursion to Werribee Open Range Zoo.
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Newspod Issue No.38 This week we check out Footy Day 2009, some fantastic Grade 3/4 Habitat diorama's and our Athletics Team at the District Finals.
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Newspod Issue No.37 This week we feature our German Poetry stars at the State Finals.
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Newspod Issue No.36 We love 'Christmas In August' and this week it's our feature story. Yum!!
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Newspod Issue No.35 This week we feature the fun and excitement of Retail Day 2009. Lots of sales, lots of great advertisements, lots of interviews.
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Newspod Issue No.34 This week we showcase the fantastic Grade 3/4 Camp, a Kite Flying spectacular and our Interschool Sport Action.
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Newspod Issue No.33 This week we drop in on a fantastic Volcanic Blast-Off, discover our fabulous German Poetry success and meet some of our Prep students on their 100 Day Celebration
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Newspod Issue No.32 In this episode we check out the Grade 5/6 Soccer Clinic, salute the 50th Anniversary of our Toastmasters Club and find out the latest from Yard Words.
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Newspod Issue No.31 This week we stroll through our Prep to Grade 5/6 classrooms to check out the Maths Action that's happening - there's some amazing things going on!
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Newspod Issue No.30 This week we meet two of our Cross Country stars, Yard Words explores '4 Square Mania' and we find out what's happening in Prep.
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Newspod Issue No.29 This week join Grade 5/6 on their excursion to NGV and the Melbourne Museum to explore the Indigenous Collections, Grade 3/4 put on a Maths Happening! The first concrete has been poured on our new school. Stick Insects invade our school!!!
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Newspod Issue No.28 This week Carrumpods features our Buddies and Peer Support Programs, Prep Fruit Creations and some fantastic footage from the District Cross Country Championships.
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Newspod Issue No.27 This week we travelled to Roy Dore Reserve for our spectacular Annual House Cross Country Championships. We also join the Grade 3/4s for a fantastic footy clinic with two St.Kilda footballers.
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Newspod Issue No.26 This week we join the Grade 6 students on their visit to Patterson River SC for Transition Day 2009. We also explore the fantastic Artwork scattered throughout our school.
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Newspod Issue No.25 This week we check out our fantastic School Choir and have a look at the ANZAC Day Commemoration.
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Newspod Issue No.24 This week we feature a special broadcast from the Grade 5/6 Camp - flying fox, water tubing, wall climbing, trampolining, cabin songs, dancing, archery, bush cooking, birthday celebrations - it's all happening!
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Newspod Issue No.23 This week we head to Patterson River for some Boating Safety tips, learn the fine art of Tent Pitching and join in all the fun of the 'Ride 2 School Helmet Parade'.
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Newspod Issue No.22 In this weeks Newspod we feature our fantastic 'Beachathon 2009' and 'The Demolishers Roll In' - a heavy metal spectacular!
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Newspod Issue No.21 In this weeks episode we check out the huge move from our old classrooms to the new portables, meet one of our Victorian Surf Life Saving stars and feature our World Record Breaking Shuffle Crew.
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Newspod Issue No.20 In this weeks episode we check out the hyper-energy of World Maths Day, meet our representatives for the District Swimming Carnival and report on Carrum's Interschool Sport activity.
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Newspod Issue No.19 In this weeks episode we showcase our Karneval 2009 Celebration with all the pancakes, masks, waffles, puppets and dancing. We also introduce a new vox pop segment 'Yard Words'.
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Newspod Issue No.18 Welcome Back!! Our first Newspod episode for 2009 features the School Leadership Ceremony and a promo video we made for our Grade 5/6 Camp.
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Film Archive 2007 - 'A Carrum Affair' In 2007 Grade 5/6 students at Carrum Primary School filmed and produced a tale of school happenings titled 'A Carrum Affair'. This is an edited version of the original feature production.
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National History Challenge 2008 - The Rats of Tobruk Carrum Primary School had several entries reach the State Finals of the 2008 National History Challenge. This short film entry 'The Rats of Tobruk' by Jeremy, Lachy and Tyler received a Special Commendation at the State Finals.
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Weedy The Sea Dragon - The Play 'Weedy The Sea Dragon' is a play created, directed and acted by the Grade 5/6 students at Carrum Primary School. Weedy is a young Weedy Sea Dragon keen to discover everything about the big wide world under the sea. On his journey Weedy meets lots of new and exciting sea creatures and begins to wonder about a curious thing called 'extinction'. Writer/Director - Connor; Actors: Weedy- Aidan; Mr. Sea Dragon (Dad) - Ryan; Mrs. Sea Dragon (Mum) - Madison; Puff The Puffer Fish - Emily; Engel The Engel Fish - Chloe; Squiddle The Giant Squid - Kyle; Jellica The Jellyfish - Ellie; CC The Sea Snail - Connor; Narrator - Jeremy
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The Adventures of Tiny Tim and his Pet Spider 'Yum Yum' - Part 1 "Tiny Tim was a quiet boy. He liked to eat red snakes, drink red flavoured lemonade and watch late night TV. Tim’s favourite friend in the whole wide world was an annoying red spider named Yum Yum." This broadcast by Grade 5/6 students at Carrum PS was recorded in front of a live studio audience. In Part 1 our three storytellers are Connor (speaker 1), Alayna (speaker 2) and Kyle (speaker 3).
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Newspod Issue No.17 Our final Newspod episode for this year features a film about our 2008 Grade 6 student graduates - 'Graduation 2008'. See you next year!!
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Newspod Issue No.16 We received some terrific entries for our Big Green Festival's short film competition. This weeks Carrumpods showcases all the finalists, including Best Film. For more information -
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Newspod Issue No.15 This week the Carrum Media Team capture the greatness of our 2008 House Athletics Championships.
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Newspod Issue No.14 Carrum Primary School is presenting an environmental happening, the BIG GREEN FESTIVAL, on 5 December 2008. Here's the festival's promo video - also available on the website -
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Newspod Issue No.13 This week the Carrum Media Team join representatives at the 'Student Interschool Conference' held on 6 November 2008
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Newspod Issue No.12 This week the Carrum Media Team bring you Exclusive Footage of our final rehearsal for School Concert 2008
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Pale Lilac The World's Greatest Band PALE LILAC flew into Melbourne for a headlining show at the Carrum Primary School 2008 Concert. Here's an excerpt from their latest greatest film clip.
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Newspod Issue No.11 The Carrum Media Team explore all the fun of Market Day 2008
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Newspod Issue No.10 This week the Carrum Media Team captured all the fun of Footy Day 2008
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Big Green Festival - Green Happenings #1 The Green Happenings short film series is being showcased on our BIG GREEN FESTIVAL website. The first film features our fabulous farmers market.
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Newspod Issue No.9 Newspod No.9 features the short film our Carrum Media Team created for the Victorian Garden Award judges.
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Newspod Issue No.8 Carrum Primary School Media Team introduce our new farm animals, explore the annual Christmas in August feast, and hear from our winning German Poet.
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Newspod Issue No.7 Carrum Primary School Media Team showcase the drama and excitement of Retail Day 2008 - Sales! Sales! Sales!
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Newspod Issue No.6 Carrum Primary School Media Team discover the adventures our Prep, Grade 1 & 2 kids experienced at the Melbourne Museum this week. We also explore a lunchtime happening in the school Library!
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Newspod Issue No.5 Carrum Primary School Media Team check out the world beating Carrum Olympics.
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Newspod Issue No.4 Carrum Primary School Media Team interview Prep students about their ‘First 100 Days’ celebration and speak with the kids who represented our school at the soccer zone championships. Plus Amazing Inventions #1 - it's amazing!!!
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Newspod Issue No.3 Carrum Primary School Media Team discover lots of planting fun on National Tree Day and interview our school sporting teams about their adventures last Friday during the inter-school competition.
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Newspod Issue No.2 Carrum Primary School Media Team explore the world of our Farm Rangers and experience the hectic frenzy of a Earn and Learn Payday.
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Newspod Issue No.1 Carrum Primary School Media Team interviewed our Principal, Ms Alana O'Neil, about the new podcast website
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2020 Summit Group Carrum Primary School has developed its own 2020 Summit Student Group. On 20 June 2008 the Group interviewed (via Skype) Dr Chris Sarra (Indigenous Education Leadership Institute), an attendee at the April Canberra Summit, to get some tips and share some of their ideas.
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Ducks, Chickens, Vegetables and a Goat Ducks, Chickens, Vegetables and a Goat - all on film and all happening with lots of other things at Carrum Primary School.
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